Achieving OKRs the Toyota Kata Way

Invented by the late Andy Grove, the founder and chairman of Intel, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are popular with product teams; whether in product companies or IT. Andy explained OKR in this two minutes video.

Rather than being a form of documentation, OKR is a way to bring alignment to teams towards achieving stretch objectives. OKR is a way to embrace uncertainty by having teams commit to hard-to-achieve objectives. Also, OKR is a an empowering framework to enable teams to establish their Key Results that represent quanitative advancement towards the objectives.

Toyota Kata way helps in answering the question: “how teams will work together to operationalize OKRS in a meaningful way?”.

Without sticking to the vocabulalry of Toyota Kata, you will find below a proposed answer to this question.

I love to hear your comments on the above slides.

Published by Sameh

I coach teams and their managers on Scientific Thinking, Lean, and Product Innovation. I have realized that the real coaches for teams are their managers, because they model the desired behaviors and actions. Furthermore, I shifted my focus to coach managers to champion experimentation in their teams, which has created a lasting impact.

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