Improve What really Matters

Among the many processes and activities that teams ‘can’ improve, which of them they ‘need’ to focus on? If teams have a target, agreed on with their leaders, they would have a way to qualify a proposed improvement. Meaning, teams ‘need’ to consider only improvements that help achieving their target, this can serve to:

  • Focusing of the improvement effort on ‘what matters’, aka the target
  • Taking improvement work more seriously. This is because teams focus on delivery while considering improvement work as secondary in priority. Aligning improvement work to ‘what matters’ facilitates having the teams to be more proactive in doing these improvements.

Published by Sameh

I coach teams and their managers on Scientific Thinking, Lean, and Product Innovation. I have realized that the real coaches for teams are their managers, because they model the desired behaviors and actions. Furthermore, I shifted my focus to coach managers to champion experimentation in their teams, which has created a lasting impact.

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