Sameh Zeid

Coach for IT Leaders and Teams

Sameh coaches product teams and their leaders to adopt Scientific Thinking and Lean – as the way of work. Often organizations implement Agile frameworks in ways not helping in tackling complexity inherent in product development. Scientific Thinking using Toyota Kata enables framing the work as experimentation. I coach leaders to become the daily coaches of their teams on Scientific Thinking.

When leaders coach instead of direct, the benefits of Agile can be sustained; by having teams continuously adapt to ever-increasing complexities

Betty Gratopp

Lead production manager at Zingerman’s Mail Order

Email: bgratopp@zingermans.com

Betty oversees a crew of 100 and a part-time seasonal crew of 400. Betty has been the lead implementer and developer of Zingerman’s Mail Order’s lean transformation, now in its 19th year. She runs several kata storyboards, creates and steers all long term planning, and teaches regular classes to her crew and outside organizations.

Gargi Mirle

Sales, Marketing and Business Executive

Email: gargi.mirle@gmail.com

Hello Kata explorers!

Have you ever experienced the excitement of attending conferences/training/retreats on your topic of interest and you get back with full intention to change and apply what you have learned but, in few weeks, things fizzle out? Do you go back to your old patterns, behaviors?

I help you capture your inspiration and frame your personal challenges by creating story boards, helping you progress through micro learnings and taking that first small step.

The power of Kata is in its application and the learnings you internalize. Reading more books, blogs, listening to more podcasts, and hoarding more information doesn’t bring about change in itself. So, if you want to try Kata on yourself, I promise you, applying Kata to your personal goals can be fun and fulfilling.

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