Causal Loop Diagram

Causal-loop-diagram is a Design Thinking tool that teams can use to create a shared understanding of how the various variables interact, leading to the existing performance. Teams calculate process-performance during grasping-current-condition step. This step helps the team to drive data, observations, and modeling of how the focus-process performs. Operating according to the desired-operating-pattern will generateContinue reading “Causal Loop Diagram”

Using Checklists

“History Is Just One Damn Thing after Another.” Winston Churchill Ralph Stacey , an organizational theorist, adapts Churchill’s quote by saying “An organization’s life is just one damn thing after another”. In the presence of complexity, failure can happen because of myriad of variables that unpredictably interact in an unimagined way. There is no guaranteeContinue reading “Using Checklists”

Noticing the unexpected

This blog is about a starter-kata for daily counting of the results that do not match your expectations about various events. It is about clicking a mechanical counter when something happened that is different from what I expected. Kata Coach Gemma Jones published more detailed instructions in LinkedIn here. Below is a Run Chart fromContinue reading “Noticing the unexpected”


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